The Real Signals

About our signals service

Our signals service allows binary options traders to watch us place trades in real time and follow us.

Our signals let people follow a long term well tested strategy without the need of analyzing charts. This way our customers can reach the same results we do with significantly less work. All you need to do is to have our website open in a browser window and you will be notified whenever we decide to place a trade.

We provide our customers not only with signals but also with live trading insights and market commentary. This messages can be seen in the "Live Signals" section along the signals. This should help our customers to better orient in current market situations.

What is a signal?

A signal contains all the information you need to place the same trade we do. All of our signals will come before their execution time so you have space to place the trade. We try to send signals as much ahead of the time as possible.

How to follow our signals?

We distribute our signals through our website. Subscribed users will be able to see signals come in real time in the "Live Signals" section.

You will be notified by a sound whenever something requires your attention so you don't have to be watching our website all time. You can have it run in the background.

You will have some time before the trade execution whenever a signal appears. Use this time to prepare the trade on your brokers platform. Make sure that currency pair, expiry time and direction match the signal description. Wait for the execution time to come and enter the trade.


Every strategy (ours included) produces both losing and winning trades. We use trading strategies with average winrate over 70%. Unfortunately this doesn't mean that after every loss will come 2 wins - wins and loses will be randomly distributed. This is why every trader needs to have a stable money management. So far our money management has always led us eventually in the profit.

Unfortunately we can't guarantee you same results every single month but as you can see on the performance chart our trading system is working in the long run.

Every trader's target should be a long term profit. You can't expect to win every single trade however with patience and a good mindset results will arrive.

Number of signals & signals timing

Many people want to know how many signals will we send every day but this number is not that important. Sometimes less and more carefully picked trades will result into more profit. For example: winning 2 trades brings you more profits than winning 6 and losing 4.

Number of signals purely relies on current market behavior. You can see how many signals we sent out in our performance chart.

Signals will usually come during the London and New York session (approximately 8a.m. - 6p.m. UK time). You will always be able to see when we are starting with trading in the "Live Signals" section.

There is no way to predict during which time of the day will come the most signals. This depends purely on market conditions and current news/holiday. Our status message will always let you know whether we are currently trading or not.

Money management

Money management is one of the most important things in trading. It is a set of rules which should prevent you from overexposing your trading account.

If you were to put 25% of your trading balance on each trade, 4 loses in a row would blow your account. You need to choose a balanced money management, which will allow you to both survive losing days and stay profitable in the long run.

Recommended rules for money management:

- Never put more than 5% of you trading balance on a single trade
- Don't change the amount you put on each trade during the day
- Scale your trade sizes accordingly to your trading balance size (if you double your trading balance, your trade size should double as well)
- Decide what percentage of your trading balance would you like to place on every trade and stick to that decision at least for a month - changing this often may jeopardise the strategy
- If you are new to trading you might want to start with lower trade sizes and scale them up once you gain confidence

Time-zone settings

Our system is designed to be usable in any time zone. You can set the appropriate time zone in the "Live Signals" section. We recommend you to set the time zone to match your broker's current server time.

Also please make sure that time on your device is set correctly. Most of the devices will nowadays sync time automatically but if your doesn't, please check your settings.


It's known that 70% of trader's success depends on his mindset. There is no place for emotions in trading. You can't get discouraged by one bad day. Trading is a long-time process. A few unsuccessful trades do not mean that the whole strategy is bad - overall results matter. Let's have a look at this example:

On the 17th of August 2015, Joe funded an account with $500 and began trading. After 6 days his balance was down to $317. Joe was a bad trader - he let emotions to affect his decisions, so he withdrew his remaining balance and started claiming, that “it’s impossible to make money with binary options”.

Jeremy also funded his account with $500 on the same day as Joe. After 6 days his balance was also down to $317.

But Jeremy remained calm and didn’t let his emotions to get in the way. He knew, that trading is a long time process, so he stuck to the money management and continued.

After one month his balance was $959, making him a nice 92% profit.

(These are real results based on our signals and money management)

Both of the traders followed the same strategy and same trading method - the only difference between them was in their mindsets. It's only up to you what type of trade you want to be.

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