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Affiliate Program

What is affiliate program

Affiliate program offers you a great opportunity to earn some extra money by recommending our service. If you have some friends who might be interested in trading binary options, or you own a website related to trading, this is the right thing for you!

Every time a user registers through your personal promo link, he or she will become one of your referrals. You will be paid commissions for every payment your referrals make on our website.

How to join

Create an account on our website (registration is free) → click on your username in the top right corner → navigate to "affiliate system" → insert your PayPal email address and click submit. After this you will be immediately given your own unique promo link. You can share it wherever you want. When someone registers through your link he/she will be automatically added to your referrals list, which you can see in the "my referrals" section.

Can I join the program without subscribing?

Yes of course - you only need to be registered to get the promo link. Registration is free. You can register here.


You will be paid 40% commission for every payment your referrals make.

Furthermore we have prepared special individual rewards for mass promoters.


Commission for every referral payment will be sent individually. You need to provide us with a VALID PayPal address to be able to receive your payouts. You will receive your commision after the payment is fully validated.

We send out payouts once a month. Be aware, that it may take up to 30 days to send out all payouts, but we always try to pay our affiliates as soon as possible. You can always see the status of your payouts in the "referral payments" section.

Affiliate system rules and payouts fall under our Terms of Service.

Do you have a question? Read our FAQ or feel free to contact us!

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