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Autotrader is here!


As you most likely know market conditions are influenced by significant economic news, political events and decisions of world political leaders. A great example of this is the whole mess around the Brexit referendum. Unfortunately world events lately havent been exactly calm. There were a few terrorist attacks, a nuclear threat and Trump's attempts at starting world war III also aren't exactly helping to calm the whole situation down.

TL;DR; this resulted into fewer safe trading opportunities therefore less signals being sent.

There were 10 signals in the first two weeks of the "Free April" event. 8 of them won, which gives us a very nice 80% winrate but it also means that there was on average only 1 signal per day. This result is great but we understand that not everyone is willing to and / or capable of waiting all day at their computer for this one signal to come.

TheRealSignals project is about making trading easier and accessible for everyone. We want to provide you with the best trading opportunities and insights we can. We already do all of the analysis for you in the background. All you need to do is execute trade according to signal. It can't get any easier than this ... or can it?

Without further ado: We've created a tool which can place trades according to our signals for you. You just set it up and let it run in the background. The first version of the "auto-trader" is already running on our testing PC as we are writing this article.

Before anything else, we want to clarify a few things:

1) The auto-trader is currently in alpha testing version. We will release a public beta version soon (probably this week asuming no major problems appear).
2) The public beta version will be available for free during this testing period so anyone can try it and test it out for themselves completely for free.
3) Signals will still appear on our website the same way they appered till now so if you don't want to use the auto-trader you DON'T HAVE TO.
4) It does not matter if you choose manual trading or auto-trader, our strategy in not changing. Both options follow the same signals.
5) We will release a tutorial video in which we will explain everything thoroughly so you know how to set everyhing up properly.

This auto-trader was designed to be user-friendly and to be as adjustable as possible. You will be able configure basically everything there is to be configured.

The auto-trader is currently running on Go Markets MT4 only. This is a broker we are currently using and we have positive experience with them so we have decided do pick them for this test. We are definetly planning to add more brokers in the future but for the sake of this test we will stick to Go Markets.

We did everything we could to bring the time between receiving the signal and trade execution as close to zero as possible. Since we send our signals before the actual execution time, every trade order should be sent basicaly right at the execution time. From that point on it's just on the broker to process the order. Therefore the auto-trader should be faster and more accurate at placing trades than any human ever could be.

We want to test the auto-trader extensively before we let it run on real accounts. That's why we'll make the beta version public very soon. Test it out on demo accounts and check it for yourself.

If you still feel like you "don't trust these machines to place trades for you" or you are using our signals in combination with your own strategy, no problem. As we said above: Signals will still appear on our website. You will still be able to place trades manually if you choose to do so.

PS: For those who mix our signals with their own insights: We have something very exciting coming for you as well. Look forward to that.

This is all for this already too long update but we believe it was worth the read. We will let you know as soon as the auto trader is available.

Big thanks goes to everyone who joined the Free April event. We read and appreciate every single message you send our way.

- Sam and Addie from TheRealSignals project

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