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Auto Trader free public beta


It sound unbelievable but it really seems like we've actualy made it. The Auto Trader is ready for a beta test. Here is a "quick" guide to walk you through the setup process. If you know your way around MT4 this should take only about 2 minutes. So here it goes:


1. Download and install the programs + create a demo account

a) At first you will need to download these three files. Direct links are below:

b) Installation is pretty straight forward. Install MT4 platform and FX LITE the same way you'd install any other piece of software. Don't do anything with the actual Auto Trader yet. We'll get to that in a minute.

• Go to File > Open an Account. Keep GoMarkets-Demo selected > click Next > select New Demo Account > click Next > put in your details. Just a little advice: You don't need to put in your real information. Esentially you can put in whatever you want as long as it corresponds with the required format (e.g. put in a random email in the email field). Check "I agree to subscribe to your newsletter" and click Next.

• Congrats - you now have a demo account. Before you close the window, write down your login and password. You will need it later. And by later we mean now.

• Close the MT4 platform and search for "FX LITE" > open "FX LITE for MT4" > select Server: GO-Demo > put in the login details of the account you've just created > click Login. MT4 platform should open back up.

2. Set up MT4 platform

a) Inside the MT4 platform: Go to File > Open Data Folder. Now open the .zip file with Auto Trader and copy MQL4 folder from the .zip file into the MT4 Data Folder. Windows will probably ask you whether you want to merger these folders - this is exactly what you want to do.

b) Go back to the MT4 platform: Navigate to Tools > Options > Expert Advisors. Check "Allow DLL imports" and "Allow WebRequest for listed URL. Double click on Add new URL like ..." and insert Make sure that "Allow automated trading" is also ticked. Click OK.

c) Also enable Auto Trading by clicking on the "Auto Trading" button in the top bar. Status in that button should change to a green arrow. Now restart your platform (close the MT4 windows on open it again through FX LITE like you did before)

3. Install the autotrader

a) Open some BinaryOptions chart: Scroll through the list of pairs you have in the left top window and find a pair, which has ".bo" at the end, e.g. "". Right click on that pair > click Chart Window. Chart window should open up.

b) Look at the "Navigator" window (left bottom corner). If the Navigator window is not visible you can open it by pressing Ctrl + N. Look for "TheRealSignals Auto Trader". It should be located under "Expert Advisors". Drag over "TheRealSignals Auto Trader" and drop it on the chart. A window should open. In the "common" tab check "Allow DDL imports. Now go to the "Inputs" tab.

c) Here are 3 important settings you need to change

  • position_size - how much money will be placed on a single trade
  • user_name - your username you use to log into our website
  • password - password for your account registered on our website

d) Now click "OK" and assuming you did everything correctly a smiley face should appear in the top right corner. Now just let MT4 running in the background and our Auto Trader will automatically execute trades for you.

4. Tips and Tricks

a) Press F9 while you are inside a Binary Options chart window. Binary trading platform will appear. This way you can see at glance what trades are currently running and how they are performing.

b) If you want more details regarding what is Auto Trader doing, press Ctrl + T and navigate to "Experts". All important activity should be visible there.

c) Auto Trader places an arrow on chart every time a trade is opened. You can change the colour of this arrow in Auto Trader settings if you want to do so.

Foot note

Auto Trader is still in beta! There are more things to come (especially more settings so you can customize the Auto Trader as much as you like).

Some bugs may appear. We have done the necesary testing but there might still be some problems we haven't managed to come across yet. If you find a problem, please let us know so we can fix it ASAP. This is exactly why we are opening this beta test phase.

Current beta version of Auto Trader shouldn't be used on live accounts. There should be actually an exception which doesn't allow trading on live accoutns for now. As we said above: This is an open beta test. We don't want unnecessary problematic situations due to a bug or something.

Big thanks to everyone who is participating in this open beta test. Let's get some trades in so we can all see how is the Auto Trader doing!

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