The Real Signals

Approximate monthly performance

We always try to be as transparent as possible. This chart is here to give you a better understanding of our past performance.

These values are based on our actual signals history, our money management and average broker payouts.

Be aware that displayed results are only approximate. There are many variables in trading which we cannot influence, such as: different brooker prices, different payouts for different currency pairs at different times, pair availability, spread, and so on.

Monthly data were calculated using these assumptions:

  • All trades could have been executed
  • 75% average payout for every currency pair
  • Placing 5% of current balance on every trade
  • Trade size is calculated at the beggining of every day and does not change during the day
  • Trade sizes were scaling accordingly to trading balance
  • If 4 loses were encountered in a row, trading was stopped for the rest of that day
  • Starting trading balance for every month is $500

Read more here about our money management and our signals service in general.

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