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Terms of Service and Liability Disclaimer

The Real Signals emphatically reminds its customers that trading financial instrument, including but not limited to binary options, forex, spread-bets and other involves a very high risk. Before registering an account on (hereinafter referred to as "our website"), customers must read and agree on the following Terms and Conditions. It’s highly recommended to seek an independent advisor before using our service.

The Real Signals reserves the right to change this agreement at any time without prior notice. Updated version of the agreement will be always avaible on our website. We recommend to check it regulary to stay informed.

Upon registering an account on our website, customers hereby claim, that they are at least 18 years old and they are both mentally and legally aligible for their actions.

Services provided by The Real Signals is a website operated by The Real Signals. Signals provided by our website only display opportunities with higher chances of winning. Signals are based ONLY on technical indicators. Therefore you can not take our service as professional financial advice.

The result of every signal and every executed trade depends on many factors (such as market news, broker price, entry point, ….). Be aware that not every signal will result into a winning trade. Every strategy (ours included) will produce winning and losing trades. Past performance does not guarantee future success. Following our signals may result into losing your investments. Our customers must be aware of this risk and must be able to accept it in order to use our service.

All data related to our performance and results are only approximate and may or may not display the actual possible results due to different broker prices, various payouts for different currency pairs and many other factors.

Using our service is entirely customers free choice therefore the customer takes full responsibility for any possible losses which may come out of these actions. Trading binary options and other financial instruments contains a high risk. Customer must be aware of this risk and must be able to accept it in order to be able to use our service.

The Real Signals, it’s owners, workers, representatives and providers take no liability for any damage which may come out of using our services. These services include but are not limited to, signals, market reviews, educational videos and money management strategies (hereinafter referred to as "service" or "services").

Our service is activated automatically the very moment payment is processed. Customers agree with this procedure.

Individual performance

Trading financial instruments is highly demanding task which may not be suitable for everyone. There are many factors affecting trader’s results such as emotions, willingness to take different risks, experience, etc. All customers should consider this before using our services and/or following our signals and decide, whether trading instruments are suitable for them. Professional advice is recommended.

Users of the services provided by The Real Signals should realize, that their actual performance may be a subject of several factors, such as market conditions, the amount of hours applied for trading, the number of tradable pairs made available by the respective broker, internet and other technical functioning, price execution, etc. Displayed results on our website may or may not correspond with every customer’s results.

Risk management

Customers should carefully consider the size of their initial deposit before using our services. Users of the services provided by The Real Signals SHOULD NEVER INVEST MONEY THAT THEY CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE. The Real Signals will NEVER acces it’s customer’s broker accounts or their invested funds. Therefore our customers have full responsibility for their investments.

The Real Signals recommends its customers to carefully consider their investment availability, emotional restrain and risk appetite before using the services offered on our website.

Information related to the risk management is only provided as courtesy and shall not imply precaution of any financial advisory service. The Real Signals, its representatives and providers expressly disclaim any liability for damages that may result from reliance on any information provided in relation to risk management and/or money management.

Full risk of trading instruments cannot be addressed in this disclosure. Seeking professional advice is recommended.


The Real Signals informs its customers that any statistical analysis related to the performance of our signals service shall under no circumstance be regarded as a prediction of future results.

Customers should be aware that several sequential losing signals may appear and that such a scenario may not necessarily compromise our overall performance. Previous price action identified through any statistical analysis may change in the future. The Real Signals, it’s representatives and providers expressly disclaim any liability for any damages that may result from reliance on any statistical analysis. Previous results may not necessarily guarantee future success.

Links to third party services

The Real Signals, it’s representatives and providers expressly disclaim any liability for any damage that may come from using third party websites including, but not limited to, broker services, offers, financial advices and trading platforms. Our customers should ALWAYS carefully consider whether using any third party service is suitable for them. Using any third party services is purely customer’s choice therefore the customer takes full responsibility for any damages that may come from these actions.


By registering account on customers agree to use signals provided by our system EXCLUSIVELY FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL PURPOSES. Customers are under no circumstenses allowed to share signals provided by our service with any third part commercially and/or non-commercially. Every user proven to do so will have his or her account terminated immediately without any compensation.

Our service is provided “as is”. Customers are not allowed to modify and/or change our services in any possible way.

One person is allowed to have only one account registered. It is forbidden to share an account with anyone else.

Subscription and termination of service

Customer always chooses for how long he or she wants to subscribe to our service. After customer's subscription expires he or she decides whether to subscribe again or not. No fees for our service will be charged without customer's approval.

The Real Signals reserves the right to change price for services provided on our website without prior notice. Current price is always displayed in the payments section of our website.

The Real Signals reserves the right to terminate this agreement and/or the service provided on this website at any time without prior notice and without any compensation.

Guarantee of avaibility

We can not guarantee number of signals per month. Number of trades per day and number of days traded per month purely relies on current market conditions and price behavior. There may also occur technical difficulties which may result into our service being unavailable for certain period of time.

Non-refund policy

Any payments made on our website are non-refundable. The Real Signals excludes possibility of fully or partially refunding it’s customers under any circumstances including, but not limited to: termination of the service, non-availability of the service, technical difficulties and/or dissatisfaction with the service. Customers explicitly agree not to initiate any attempts to have their payments refunded.

The Real Signals offers a service not a product. Customers were informed prior to the usage of our service, that our service will generate both winning and losing signals and there is no way to predict future results. Dissatisfaction with the performance thus can not be taken as a reason to refund customers payments.

Using our services is every customer’s free choice. Upon agreeing to these Terms of Service customers explicitly agree not to ask for compensation for, including but not limited to, their time, efford, payments and/or money invested.

Customer support

The customer support offered on our website is not to be taken as professional financial advice system. Our support team’s purpose is to deal with problems related to our service. The Real Signals takes no responsibility for any losses which may come from following any advice coming from our support.

Personal details

The Real Signals will never sell and/or provide our customers details to any third party service and/or use them in any other way non-related to our service.

Afilliate system

Affiliates promoting our service are not employees of The Real Signals thus they take no responsibility for our services.

Affiliates are not allowed to use any forbidden ways of advertising and/or any false information to promote our service. Everyone proven to do so will have his or her account terminated without any compensation.

We do not take any responsibility for content posted by our affiliates on third party websites. If you come across any false advertising and/or fraud attempt posted by any of our affiliates please contact our support and we will try to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

The Real Signals will pay its affiliates 20-40% commission from every payment their referrals make on our website. Commissions rely on the number of payments customer and his or hers referrals already made. Affiliates can clearly see how much money will they be given from every referrals payment in “my referrals payments” section. More information about commissions can be found in the “affiliate system” section.

Payouts to our affiliates will be done monthly. At the beginning of every month, all commissions for previous month will be calculated. It may take up to 30 days to send all the payments. Commissions will be send to PayPal accounts provided by affiliates. Be aware that PayPal fees may apply.

The Real Signals reserves the right to change our affiliate system conditions at any given time without prior notice.


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